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Publications from the PDU Winter Meeting

The PDU winter meeting has produced an abstract booklet for each meeting since 2005 and in an arrangement
with the editors AMSECT’s journal JECT, we have published selected papers, editorials and abstracts from the PDU meeting every year. These 80+ publications have been widely cited and have contributed to the international perfusion community’s understanding of clinical and scientific developments and advances in cardiopulmonary bypass and extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO).


These publications cover the wide range of subject matter presented at PDU over the past decade and a half
including clinical practice, quality improvement and original research.


  1. Turner L, Hardikar A, Jose MD, Bhattarai K, Fenton C, Sharma R, Kirkland G, Jeffs L, Breslin M, Silva Ragaini B, Newland RF. Acute kidney injury, stroke and death after cardiopulmonary bypass surgery: the role of perfusion flow and pressure.  Perfusion. 2021 Jan;36(1):78-86. doi: 10.1177/0267659120924919. Epub 2020 Jun 9.PMID: 32515271

  2. Willcox TW, Newland RF, Baker RA. Cardiopulmonary bypass management and acute kidney injury in 118 Jehovah's Witness patients: a retrospective propensity-matched multicentre cohort from 30,942 patients. Perfusion. 2020 Nov;35(8):833-841. doi: 10.1177/0267659120908119. Epub 2020 Feb 28. PMID: 32106764.

  3. Richard F. Newland, BSc, CCP (Aust), Robert A. Baker, PhD CCP (Aust), Richard J. Woodman, B.Sc (Hons), M.Med.Sci., PhD, M.Biostat, Mary B. Barnes, BSc (Hons), GDipMath, Timothy W. Willcox, CCP (Aust) for the Australian and New Zealand Collaborative Perfusion Registry.  Predictive Capacity of Oxygen Delivery during Cardiopulmonary Bypass on Acute Kidney Injury.  Ann Thorac Surg. 2019 DOI: 

  4. Newland RF, Baker RA, Barratt CA.  Integration of Electronic Perfusion Data for Perfusion Registries.  J Extra Corpor Technol. 2018 Jun;50(2):102-112.PMID: 29921989 Free PMC article.
  5. Newland RF, Baker RA, Barratt CA. Integration of Electronic Perfusion Data for Perfusion Registries. The Journal of extra-corporeal technology. 2018;50(2):102-12.

  6. Likosky DS, Baker RA, Newland RF, Paugh TA, Dickinson TA, Fitzgerald D, et al. Is Conventional Bypass for Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery a Misnomer? The Journal of extra-corporeal technology. 2018;50(4):225-30.

  7. Jonathon Minton, David A. Sidebotham. Hyperlactatemia and Cardiac Surgery JECT 2017;49

  8. Mitchell SJ, Merry AF Perspective on Cerebral Microemboli in Cardiac Surgery: Significant Problem or Much Ado About Nothing? JECT 2015;47:10-15

  9. Haydock MD, Kruger C, Willcox T, Haydock DA" Does Removing Mannitol and Voluven from the Priming Fluid of the Cardiopulmonary Bypass Circuit Have Clinical Effects? JECT 2014;46:77-83

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  13. Scott DA, Evered LA, Silbert BS" "Cardiac Surgery, the Brain, and Inflammation" JECT 2014;46:15-22

  14. Young RW. Prevention of Lung Injury in Cardiac Surgery: A Review JECT 2014;46:130-141

  15. AIlen SJ. Gastrointestinal Complications and Cardiac Surgery JECT 2014;46:142-149

  16. Tully PJ. Quality-of-Life Measures for Cardiac Surgery Practice and Research: A Review and Primer. J Extra Corpor Technol. 2013 Mar;45(1):8-15. 

  17. Durandy, Y. Vacuum-Assisted Venous Drainage, Angel or Demon: PRO? JECT 2013;45:122-127JECT 2013;45:8-15

  18. Willcox TW. Vacuum Assist: Angel or Demon CON JECT 2013;45:128-132

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  21. Baker RA, Merry AF. Cell Salvage Is Beneficial for All Cardiac Surgical Patients JECT 2012;44:38-41

  22. DeSomer, F. Understanding the Delicate Balance between Bleeding and Thrombosis: Can We Use It to Our Advantage? J Extra Corpor Technol. 2012 Mar; 44(1): P13–P15.

  23. DeSomer, F. The Neonatal Circuit: In Search of the Ultimate Solution JECT 2012;44:48-50Our Advantage? JECT 2012;44:13-15

  24. Edwards J, Mazzone A, Crouch G. Minimally Invasive Mitral Surgery: Dangerous to Dabble JECT 2012;44:51-54

  25. Kruger C, Sidebotham D, Brown AJ, Singh H, Merry AF Timely Bolus Insulin for Glucose Control during Cardiopulmonary Bypass JECT 2012;44:34-38

  26. Merry, AF. Campaigning for Safety JECT 2012;44:16-19

  27. Young R. Perioperative Fluid and Electrolyte Management in Cardiac Surgery: A Review JECT 2012;44:20-26

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  30. Tully PJ. Psychological Depression and Cardiac Surgery: A Comprehensive Review JECT 2012;44:224-232

  31. Young RW. Hyperoxia: A Review of the Risks and Benefits in Adult Cardiac Surgery JECT 2012;44:241-249

  32. McMillan D, Potger K, Southwell J Blood Management Issues: Getting Clots Together When You Want Them JECT 2011;43:52-57

  33. McMillan D, Brady P, Foot C, Levy R, Thomson A The Team Focus on Improving Blood Transfusion JECT 2011;43:65-67

  34. Merry AF. To Do or Not to Do?-How People Make Decisions JECT 2011;43:39-43

  35. Merry AF. The Professor Merry Lecture: Endings and Beginnings JECT 2011;43:17-22

  36. Poullis M. Perfusion and Aortic Surgery: Patient Directed Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Quality Improvement JECT 2011;43:68-71

  37. Poullis M. Has Microsoft -« Left Behind Risk Modeling in Cardiac Surgery? JECT 2011;43:9-Feb

  38. Sidebotham D. Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation-Understanding the Evidence: CESAR and Beyond JECT 2011;43:23-26

  39. Sidebotham D. Troubleshooting Adult ECMO JECT 2011;43:27-32

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  41. Spiess BD Human Error in Medicine: Change in Cardiac Operating Rooms through the FOCUS Initiative JECT 2011;43:33-38 

  42. Spiess BD Blood Management-Issues: The Panic of Coagulopathic Bleeding-Is There a Rational Approach? JECT 2011;43:58-64

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