• Timothy Jones MD FRCS (CTh)

    Paediatric cardiothoracic surgeon

    UK Birmingham Children’s Hospital

    United Kingdom

    "... There is no other meeting that I am aware of, in the northern or southern hemispheres that achieves this and consistently with the quality and relevance of the education and discussion the meeting promotes. .. Most meetings these days are specific to our own individual disciplines despite the recognition that the best outcomes come from good teamwork. The Perfusion Downunder meeting is unique in being truly multidisciplinary and breaking down traditional ‘silo thinking’. … You have shaped and developed perfusion and cardiac surgical practice and I look forward to participating in the next 10 years of Perfusion Downunder meetings."

  • Florian Falter MD, FRCA, FFICM, PhD Cardiothoracic Anaesthesia and ICU 

    Papworth Hospital Cambridge

    United Kingdom

    "PDU is a unique meeting, very much embodying the spirit of shared learning and exchange of experience in an open and non-threatening environment. It presents a platform for young researchers, rising stars and experienced faculty alike. Meetings like this are invaluable as they provide the right atmosphere not just for conventional presentations but also for unusual topics to be discussed, niche thoughts to flourish and important new research to be conceived…..

    The meeting inspires academically but also is able to give practical advice to colleagues with clinical questions. It is particularly well placed to achieve these goals as it attracts delegates, faculty and expertise from all over the world and, more importantly, from all relevant disciplines, i.e. perfusionists, surgeons, anaesthetists and intensivists."

  • Donald S. Likosky, PhD

    A/Prof & Head Health Services Research & Quality, Dept of Cardiac Surgery

    University of Michigan, USA

    "While not residing in the Southern Hemisphere, I have found these meetings to have considerable relevance for and impact on my own research portfolio. What sets this meeting apart? The faculty are purposefully selected to challenge current paradigms in our own thinking and delivery of care. The lectures have relevance and impact for the cardiothoracic surgical community throughout the world… The program facilitates and instils friendship and comradery that extends beyond the meeting… the meeting has in part been a nidus for the development of the Australian and New Zealand Collaborative Perfusion Registry."

  • Scott A. LeMaire, MD
    Professor, Cardiothoracic Surgery

    Baylor College of Medicine

    Houston, Texas, USA

    "... there is a critical need for meetings that provide in-depth coverage of the latest advances in this rapidly changing field... The Perfusion Downunder Meeting uniquely achieves these goals in Australasia by bringing clinical perfusionists, perfusion students, and perfusion scientists from the region together with clinical and scientific experts from around the world. The meeting combines research presentations, lectures by thought-leaders in the field, and in-depth keynote addresses to provide attendees with a view of the current state of-the-art in all aspects of perfusion..."

  • Hilary Grocott MD FRCPC FASE 

    Professor, Anesthesia & Surgery University of Manitoba

    Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada

    "...this multidisciplinary collaboration between clinical perfusion, cardiac surgery, cardiac anaesthesiology and other allied health professions is truly a unique educational and team building collaborative. PDU brings together a world class faculty and has a unique reputation of excellence coupled with a networking social structure that further supports botheducation, and the advancement of science."

  • Sara Jane Allen
    Cardiac Anaesthetist & Intensivist

    Auckland District Health Board

    Auckland, New Zealand

    "The Perfusion Downunder (PDU) Meeting is, quite simply, an outstanding cardiac multidisciplinary meeting. Founded and organised by Perfusionists, the meeting has consistently attracted specialists from across the cardiac spectrum – anaesthetists, surgeons, intensivists, as well as perfusionists – who attend to participate in high quality academic sessions with innovative topics, and broad, inclusive discussions. The meeting has always taken a collaborative and inclusive approach, and is well known in the Australasian cardiac community and internationally for these reasons."

  • Rinaldo Bellomo
    Professor, Faculty of Medicine

    University of Melbourne

    Melbourne, Australia

    "I have had the pleasure to lecture at the yearly Perfusion Down Under meeting and I am well acquainted with the extraordinary contribution that Perfusion Down Under and the Perfusion Down Under meeting make to the science, practice and art of Perfusion Medicineand technology. I have no hesitation in saying the work of the Perfusion Down Under group and the quality of their yearly scientific meeting are simply world class!"

  • David Sidebotham

    Cardiac Anaesthetist / Intensivist

    Auckland City Hospital

    Auckland, New Zealand

    "It is hard to overstate the impact of the PDU Winter meeting on the Australia and New Zealand Perfusion community… The organising committee and industry representatives have poured their heart and soul into PDU over a 12-year period, creating one of the best small meetings to be found…. If there is an ideal model of industry-academic collaboration, then the PDU-LivaNova model is it."

  • Stephen B. Horton

    Assoc. Professor, Director Perfusion,

    Royal Children's Hospital

    Parkville, Australia

    "Perfusion meetings are the main avenue for dissemination of current research projects while providing a collegial atmosphere enabling experts from other centres to proffer assistance.The PDU conference which is organised by local experts with the aid of LivaNova exemplifies this. ….I have found this conference second to none internationally." 

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